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Waterfall Valley by Moonti





Post Apocalyptic Disney Princesses at Torucon 2014 

This is just a few of the amazing girls we had in our group!

Jasmine - Batbunny Cosplay
Merida - Studio Eevia
Pocahontas - Eirin
Aurora - Timeforlemontea
Snow White - Blitzhellion Cosplay
Mulan - Ramona
Ariel - Starbit Cosplay
Elsa - Santatory



1950s Prom and Party Dresses: Black and White



I am holding an auction for my first new slot of 2015!

Your suit will be started when my current queue is finished (in the spring or summer) and finished around fall. I guarantee it will be finished within the 2015 calendar year. 


I do not plan on taking any more custom fursuit commissions for a while so this is quite likely the only slot that will be available (from me) for a fully custom character fursuit within 2015 (or possibly into 2016 and beyond).

Auction starts Friday at 12pm and ends on Thursday the 25th at 8pm (PST).

Please watch this clock to know exactly when the auction ends in your time zone: 

Or this one if you just wish to know what the time is currently in the auction’s time zone: 

I will be tracking and updating the auction manually so there may be a little bit of lag when the auction ends (or lag in updates when I am otherwise occupied or sleeping). To prevent sniping, any bids within an hour before the auction is to close will extend bidding by an extra hour.

Auction price does NOT include shipping which should range from $25-$100 to most locations.









Please email me at with the heading BID and your bid amount (Aka “FURSUIT BID $4500” etc); IMPORTANT: in order for your bid to be accepted, please include a reference or description for the character. I will approve this (or reject it in which case your bid will not be counted) and (if needed) give you a quote for how much any/all extras will be over the final bid price. Please bid only in whole numbers (no cents).


The start bid includes everything to make a classic wolf/fox/etc. Any critters which I do not have a current headform for (see below) will incure a $200 charge over the final auction price.

 You may chose from: canine (wolf, jackal, etc), feline (small cat & big cats), bovine (bull/bison), deer (with spike antlers included), fox (red, grey, etc), or a slim muzzled mammal such as a fennec, red panda, or raccoon. Additional creatures may be possible by modifying these headforms for no extra charge so please ask!

The head you will receive is fully adjustable with a sensitive moving jaw.

You may choose between a digitigrade body or plantigrade bodysuit with mild padding.


What is not included (but can be added for extra after auction close):

A custom sculpted base head form (dragon, bird, any mammal not mentioned above) (+$200)

A muscle suit (+$500 to $1500 depending on complexity)

Wings (+$1500)

Large amounts of NFT or other specialty furs (+$25 to $50 square foot)

Antlers (+$150 or more)

An upright or wagging tail (+$250)

Tattoos or unusually complicated markings (+$50  to ???)

Quadsuit (+$2500)

Sculpted scales (depends)

And more..


I accept paypal, personal cheque within the USA (wire transfer internationally), & money order.

50% must be paid upfront within a week of auction close and the rest before January 2015. Please, no more than three payments total. 

You will be required to provide a duct tape dummy.


Excited Pug Photoshop Battle [photoshopbattles]

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That was so beautiful


That was so beautiful


You want thingamabobs?  Only at an outrageous price and I shall keep my best ones hidden.


You want thingamabobs?  Only at an outrageous price and I shall keep my best ones hidden.